Hi, I'm Corey! As a professional violinist who loves her job, I get to play violin all over the world in orchestras, ensembles and as a soloist. I often think how amazingly lucky I am to earn my living doing something I love (although it did take a lot of practice and hard work) and I really want to transfer my passion for the violin to children, getting them excited about what the instrument can do. Violins aren’t just for classical music, they are extremely versatile. Among other things, I play in musicals, for recordings and in a high energy duo on cruise ships playing to thousands of people, there really is nothing like it!

The idea behind these workshops is to create a low pressure, fun environment where children can learn whilst enjoying themselves; to have the chance to pick up and play a violin, maybe for the first time!
Essentially they are a short taster that may encourage some to discover a love for the instrument and take it forward with lessons in school.


I've noticed that children don’t always get the opportunity to try different instruments before they choose one, so this is me, trying to do my bit towards getting young people interested in strings so that they can become the next generation of musicians!